Why are my green bean plants dying?

Why are my green bean plants dying?

Postby freemon » March 23rd, 2013, 10:30 pm

I planted green beans a little over a month ago, and all was fine until 2 weeks ago, they started turning yellow and were losing their green color. Now, the leaves and stems are falling off and it's a disaster. I also have 2 more beans batches (yellow beans, which are doing the same thing, and another batch of green beans that seem to be doing fine).

I'm new to gardening so i don't know much, but here are the things i have done and maybe you can tell me where i went wrong.

-- I water them every evening after the sun goes down, i check the soil with my finger to see how wet the soil is, i'm not over watering them i'm sure of that. I planted them in 3 inches of soil, i can't grow vegetables around my area because it's all mostly clay so i had to use potting soil. I didn't fertilize it because the potting soil i used said it has 3 months time of fertilizer already in it. I also kinda sorta crowded them, maybe a little bit? You can see how close they are in picture number 2.

Anyway, here are some pictures to show you how it looks.. i know, it's kind of embarrassing to show these even considering i'm new to this and green beans are suppose to be one of the easiest vegetables to grow.. lol.

P.S. the only difference between the healthy batch of green beans and the unhealthy one is that in the healthy batch there is around 1 inch of extra soil depth.. could this be why? I used the same soil and did everything else the same though.






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Why are my green bean plants dying?

Postby ceasario » March 23rd, 2013, 10:43 pm

If the plastic I see sticking out under the bed is a solid layer under the whole bed then that is your problem, you are drowning them. You can take a sharp pointed stick and punch a couple hundred holes in that plastic so it will drain and MAYBE the beans will recover. When water is captured like that it will "sour" and basically poison the plants that have not drowned. You have to get rid of the water so the ground can dry out , not dusty dry just no standing water on the plastic. Then water only once or twice a week and do not water any more than one inch of water at a time.
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Why are my green bean plants dying?

Postby jerrel » March 23rd, 2013, 11:10 pm

The fertiliser in potting mix is completely dodgy for growing annual plants. Annual plants grow faster than perennials and thus need more fertiliser. Plants need nitrogen and magnesium to create the chlorophyll that makes the leaves nice and green. For a quick fix, get a water soluble fertiliser like Thrive but that's expensive. In the long run get a compost heap going.
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Why are my green bean plants dying?

Postby hildebrand59 » March 23rd, 2013, 11:53 pm

If there was fertilizer in the potting soil, and you bought it fresh, fertilizer shouldn't be an issue.

The three inches of soil might be an issue, but if the raised bed in on the ground, even if it's clay, it should still be workable. Oh - I see you have plastic laid down? Why? Just stick the bed on the soil and add your potting mix. There's no reason whatsoever for putting an impervious barrier between the soil in your bed and the ground.

But really, I think you're over watering it. I water my beans maybe once a week - and that's only if there's no rain. You say you "check the soil". If you stick your finger in, and you feel moisture, then you don't need to water. I can't think of anything in a raised bed that needs water every day.

If you're taht unsure of how often to water, go spend the $12 on a moisture meter. It will last forever, and will teach you good watering habits. Stick the probe into the soil, and if it reads more than 4, DON'T WATER.
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