What does this one mean?

What does this one mean?

Postby beval18 » November 11th, 2011, 3:07 pm

Now and Then, America
Pat Mora

Who wants to rot
beneath dry, winter grass
in a numbered grave
in a numbered row
in a section labeled Eternal Peace
with neighbors plagued
by limp, plastic roses
springing from their toes?
Grant me a little life now and then, America.

Who wants to rot
as she marches through life
in a pinstriped suit
neck chained in a soft, silk bow
in step, in style, insane.
Let me in
to boardrooms wearing hot
colors, my hair long and free,
maybe speaking Spanish.
Risk my difference, my surprises.
Grant me a little life, America.

And when I die, plant zempasúchitl,
flowers of the dead, and at my head
plant organ cactus, green fleshy
fingers sprouting, like in Oaxaca.
Let desert creatures hide
in the orange blooms.
Let birds nest in the cactus stems.
Let me go knowing life
flower and song
will continue right above my bones.
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What does this one mean?

Postby feidhlim51 » November 11th, 2011, 3:21 pm

It's talking about not conforming to a certain expected standard, in death as well as in life. In life, this person doesn't want to be tied down to a criteria they are supposed to meet in the business world; they want to express themselves and make their own personal statement. In death too they want to stand apart from the norm; hence, the orange blossoms, cactus, etc., at their gravesite.
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