Which are Companion Plants for tomatoes, pumpkin /squash and capsicums.?

Which are Companion Plants for tomatoes, pumpkin /squash and capsicums.?

Postby aylward48 » October 29th, 2011, 4:40 pm

also,which plants would make bad companions for any of the above. Will it be okay to grow brassicas with them? I would like to add some green vegetables to my vegetable garden. Also can anyone advise me on which bee attracting plants would be best.? Your advice would be much appreciated . Thanks.
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Which are Companion Plants for tomatoes, pumpkin /squash and capsicums.?

Postby anluan82 » October 29th, 2011, 4:44 pm

tomatoes pair well with almost anything! but I suggest either cucumbers or okra. as for the pumpkin, I suggest chard/rainbow chard, or green onions. and the capsicums, go great with brussel sprouts,egg plant or asparagus!
Ah and for bee appeal go for rosemary,lavender, any citrus..I have a lemon tree,orange tree,rosemary and lavender..the bees love all 4.
Hope these tips help! Good luck
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Which are Companion Plants for tomatoes, pumpkin /squash and capsicums.?

Postby merle » October 29th, 2011, 4:48 pm

the Secret to companion planting is Sunlight. All your plants must get sunlight or they will do poorly.

Squash and Pumpkin have large leaves and wide growing vines. Do not expect low growing plants to do well planted near them. The large leaves will shade the low growing plants and they will do poorly. Tall growing plants like Corn (maize) will do well companion planted with Squash and Pumpkin, so will Sun Flower and tall Cosmo flowers. Pole type Beans that climb poles 6 ft ( 2 m) high also do well in pumpkin and squash. Be sure to put these plants on the north side of the garden so they will not shade the other plants.

But generally, I plant my squash and pumpkins along the fence so the vines can climb the fence or spread out of the garden area away from the other plants.

I cage my tomato's which makes them grow straight up 4 ft. (1.3 m) The only things I find that will grow well around the base of the tomato cages is Cucumbers and Watermelon.

Low growing plants like lettuce, onions and radishes do well planted together. Onions also do well when planted in between Capsicum (Peppers) plants. As the plants grow, pull the onions for green onions and by the time the Capsicum is large enough to shade the onions, you have pulled and used them all.

You do not say which Brassica you are planting. Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts or Mustard? For Cabbage Companion planting is not recommended. The large leaves will crowd out almost anything, even tall plants. Brussels Sprouts I companion planted in my Raspberry's and they did very well together. Mustard it is best to sow the seed in a small area about 3 ft. ( 1m) circle or square by itself and then use them as you thin them.
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