Help with my biology homework (genetically modified food)??! :)?

Help with my biology homework (genetically modified food)??! :)?

Postby stan » March 13th, 2014, 2:49 am

ive looked at loads of websites and cant find anything so i was wondering if anyone can help ?!?!
i have to ... research genitically modified soya and tomatoes(uses, how its done,advantages ,disadvantages) , much appreciated :) !
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Help with my biology homework (genetically modified food)??! :)?

Postby meara » March 13th, 2014, 2:56 am

Critics have objected to GM foods on several grounds, including safety issues,[4] ecological concerns, and economic concerns raised by the fact GM plants (and potentially animals) that are food sources are subject to intellectual property law.

Commercial sale of genetically modified foods began in 1994, when Calgene first marketed its Flavr Savr delayed ripening tomato.[2] Typically, genetically modified foods are transgenic plant products: soybean, corn, canola, rice, and cotton seed oil. These may have been engineered for faster growth, resistance to pathogens, production of extra nutrients, or any other beneficial purpose. GM livestock have also been experimentally developed, although as of July 2010 none are currently on the market.[3]

The genetically modified (GM) tomatoes also survived for days without refrigeration, which scientists say is great news for farmers in developing nations; India, for example, loses almost 40 percent of its annual produce of fruits and vegetables to spoilage during transportation.
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