Im finding it so hard to control what I eat?

Im finding it so hard to control what I eat?

Postby stod72 » March 19th, 2014, 8:49 pm

I literally eat so much. My self control is terrible. If there's a packet of biscuits open then I will snack on them constantly. My portion sizes are huge, and I eat loads! I know my diet is awful! I'm overweight and unhappy with my size! I have tried cutting back but nothing has worked, I'm useless, I just can't keep it up! Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Bowl of cheerios, Bowl of sugar puffs, a yogurt
Snack: Raisins
Lunch: Banana, Cream cheese marmite and cucumber sandwich, a chocolate roll
Snack: Bowl of cheerios, Breadsticks
Dinner: veggie spaghetti bolognese (containing quorn mince, beans, pepper, tomato sauce) with parmasan cheese
Dessert: Chocolate bar, chocolate roll, white chocolate cookie!

I hate myself for eating this much! Normally I don't eat so much chocolate though! I know that i should be eating only one bowl of cereal for breakfast, not eating cereal for snacks!, and definately not eating all the sweet treats and eating fruit but I can't seem to change my diet! There's no point saying suck it up because I know if I don't change I will start to become obese and it will be dangerous and bad for my health! Please help me with tips on what to do and how to control my hunger!
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Im finding it so hard to control what I eat?

Postby derren » March 19th, 2014, 8:55 pm

It's really hard to not over eat. I'd recommend to start not having most of that stuff in your house. And have lots of healthy stuff, so even if you eat a lot of it, it won't be so bad for you. You can just grab and go whenever you want just like with the unhealthy stuff.

This sounds crazy, but I'd recommend going on a low carb diet. It's really restrictive at first. You only eat 20 carbs a day for the first 15-20 pounds and all you can have is meat (which has 0 carbs) or just anything else that is low carb. You'll probably pig out on meat for the first week or less..but after a while you'll find that you aren't having as many cravings because you are so restricted and aren't eating all the foods that are addicting, that are causing the sugar and salt. You have to do something to retrain your brain. You are legitly addicted to food. It's a real thing. You'll also lose weight real fast on that diet, even if you eat a lot of 0 carb foods. Go to the atkins diet website and it'll give you the rules for free. There are phases.
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