Solve the word problems?

Solve the word problems?

Postby maetthere » June 17th, 2012, 6:46 pm

1. A rectangular pool has dimensions of 40 ft and 60 ft. If the pool has a patio area around it that equals the area of the pool, how wide is the distance from the pool edge to the patio edge?

2. One leg of a right triangle is 96 inches. Find the hypotenuse and the other leg if the length of the hypotenuse exceeds 2 times the other leg by 4 inches.

3. The product of two consecutive odd integers is 2,115. Find the integers.

4. The square of one number is 23 less than the square of a second number. If the second number is 1 more than the first, what are the two numbers?

5. Ben's boat will take 1 hours longer to go 12 miles up a river than to return. What is the rate of his boat if the rate of the current is 2 miles an hour?

6. Loren drove 200 miles at a certain rate, and his wife, Lois, drove 100 miles at a rate 10 mph slower. If Loren had driven for the entire trip, they would have arrived 30 minutes sooner. What was Loren's rate?

7. Three girls, Laura, Tammy, and Jeri, can wash the family cars, clean the pool, and mow the lawn in one hour and 20 minutes. If Jeri did all the work, she would take twice as long as Tammy and 2 hours longer than Laura. How long would each girl take to do the jobs alone?

8. Lee can frame a cabin in 4 days less than Ron. When they work together, they will do the job in 4 days. How long would each of them take to frame the cabin alone?

9. Ed bought $2,000 in stock shares one week before the stock price dropped $10.00. If he had waited for the price setback, he could have bought 10 more shares for the same amount. How much did each share actually cost, and how many shares did he buy?

10. The square of Mark's age 3 years ago is 6 times the age he will be in 9 years. What is his age now?
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Solve the word problems?

Postby vachel » June 17th, 2012, 6:55 pm

Lets assume Mark's age = x

As per given,
(x - 3)² = 6(x + 9)
x² - 6x + 9 = 6x + 54
x² - 12x - 45 = 0
x² - 15x + 3x - 45 = 0
x(x- 15) + 3(x - 15) = 0
(x + 3)(x - 15) = 0
x + 3 = 0 or x - 15 = 0
x = -3 or x = 15
Age cannot be negative. So x = 15.
Mark's age now is 15 years.
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