My rose isn't dyeing, any reason why?

My rose isn't dyeing, any reason why?

Postby ahiga » January 31st, 2015, 4:11 pm

I purchased a white rose and some food coloring yesterday, i cut the rose's stem half an inch diagonally and placed it in a vase of dark blue food colored water. It's been around 20 hours now there are hardly any spots of blue on the rose. The rose itself has not changed color. The stem gets really dark to about 3 inches until the stem meets the rose, then its just a lighter shade. I figured the darkness was the color going up but its been sitting at that same spot
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My rose isn't dyeing, any reason why?

Postby fearghall » January 31st, 2015, 4:13 pm

How much water to dye ratio? I'm not sure roses eve dye well, but I know that Queen Anne's Lace requires about half an inch of water an food coloring on the bottom of the container it's in. (I usually use old soda bottles, so I don't stain the vases too.) And I use 10 drops of food coloring in that three-fourths an inch of water. The idea is to get the plant to suck up as much dye as possible, so sticking a little dye in a whole lot of water doesn't do much good. The process takes a day, so it's not like you'll get a better result by waiting longer, but, honestly? I don't know if roses dye. Here's a link to show what I did with Queen Anne's Lace. (The direction are on the right hand column. I hope the photos make you smile. It was a website I was making to get kids to enjoy gardening, but, as you can tell, I gave up working on it years ago. lol)
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My rose isn't dyeing, any reason why?

Postby daine » January 31st, 2015, 4:21 pm

For this to work the stem needs to be fresh and short. If you are trying to color the rose, dip it into the coloring directly.
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