My electric guitar has high pitched ringing wolf notes?

My electric guitar has high pitched ringing wolf notes?

Postby carmichael » February 3rd, 2015, 3:39 am

So i have a jackson dinky with a floyd rose, i just got it setup at a shop recently like 2 months ago. I was playing and everything was fine, all of a sudden (it seemed instant) i notice that many of my high frets on my e and b strings and a few low frets on the A string started buzzing and have this high pitched wolf note screeching type sound. this guitar has active emgs and every fret used to sound great but randomly this started happening in the course of a few hours. also there is no sound when i bend the e string at the 17th fret. im thinking its the truss rod but i got it adjusted like a couple months ago so i dont know if thats possible, or maybe its the bridge but floyd roses are a pain in the *** so i cant really evaluate the problem. i dont wanna go spend another 50 bucks at the shop so maybe someone can help me?
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My electric guitar has high pitched ringing wolf notes?

Postby neese » February 3rd, 2015, 3:42 am

A Floyd Rose style tremolo moves the strings up & down relative to the frets, and the slightest 'drift' can upset the action. See the link below for a very good illustration of the effect. The simplest way to set them up is to put a some thin hard cardboard (eg. a couple of layers of cereal box type) - or a credit card - under the back of the bridge to hold it at a fixed height from the guitar body. Temporarily tighten the screws on the spring claw in the back of the guitar by a turn or two. That should give enough force on the card so the bridge effectively locks in place. You can then tune it and check the intonation, neck relief & fret clearances as you would with a fixed bridge guitar. Once you are finished and it's set perfectly in tune, remove the card and slacken the claw screws slightly, adjusting them to get in tune again without touching the machine heads. It should end up with the tremolo having exactly the same amount of 'float' as it did with the card, and fully in tune. Edit - reading what you said again makes me thing the people that did the setup may have filed the nut slots, and got one or more too tight so a sting is sticking a bit. That can cause a very sudden change when it eventually shifts. Before you do anything else, try tightening & loosening each string slightly and make sure they move through the nut smoothly without sticking. Rubbing them with a soft pencil around the nut area can help, the graphite works as a lubricant. If any are persistently sticky, take it back to the place that did the setup and ask them to correct it.
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