Describe the seeds scattered by wind and water.?

Describe the seeds scattered by wind and water.?

Postby arlie » March 8th, 2014, 11:49 am

Wind dispersed seeds are release light, numerous, and usually winged seeds. In rainforests the very tallest trees that emerge above the average canopy level, such as the dipterocarps, use winged seeds. Orchids that grow as epiphytes amidst the many branches shed the smallest seeds so they can drift on the light breezes like dust.
Anemochory (wind dispersal) due to winged seeds also exists. Winged seeds can be like maple tree's samaras with long anatomical blades extending from the seed pericarp to provide aerodynamic surfaces so the seed glides as it falls. Samaras from maple trees.
Then there are seeds with fine to feathery hairs like thistle, dandelion or cottonwood trees. The structure is called a pappus; the hairs catch the air to slow the seed's descent or even provide lift.

Hydrochory (seed dispersal by water) happens with aquatic plants like Alisma, Butomus & Sagittaria that have light waterproof seeds. Nutlet seeds of the entire genus Lycopus are typical floating hydrochores with an air-filled pericarp (outer seed coat layer).
Nautochory - marine dispersal drupes are seen in Coconuts
Bythisochory – dispersed in flowing water – Waterlily (Nymphaea) seeds have air spaces in the pericarp for floating in still ponds.
Ombrochory – dispersed in rain drops like spores often are. Rainwash may work with the round seeds that easily roll. Voyria species round seeds.
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