Are than any wild animals that live in Israel and no where else?

Are than any wild animals that live in Israel and no where else?

Postby hymie » February 15th, 2014, 7:33 am

Sure. here is a list:

Mammals found only in this region include four chromosomal species of blind mole rat (Backhuys) and the Negev Shrew ( The Acacia Gazelle ( has recently been elevated to a full species.

The Be'er Sheva Fringe-fingered Lizard Acanthodactylus beershebensis ( (ARKive) is a critically endangered endemic reptile.

Endemic amphibians include a recently discovered tree frog Hyla heinzsteinitzi (AmphibiaWeb) and the Hula Painted Frog Discoglossus nigriventer (Guardian) which has been recently rediscovered after being long feared extinct.

Freshwater fish species unique to the area include the Kinneret Bleak Acanthobrama terraesanctae (FishBase), the Yarqon Bleak Acanthobrama telavivensis (IUCN Red List), a loach Nemacheilus dori (Practical Fishkeeping), an extinct bleak Acanthobrama (or Mirogrex) hulensis (Tel Aviv Univ.), and the possibly extinct Long-jaw Tristram Tilapia Tristramella sacra (Tel Aviv Univ.). Ben-Tuvia’s Goby Didogobius bentuvii (Marine Species) is apparently known only from the type collected in the Mediterranean off the mouth of the Rubin River.

The most distinctive endemic invertebrate is a blind scorpion Akrav israchanani (Snail's Tales) (Euscorpius pdf file) known only from Ayalon Cave and the sole member of the family Akravidae. Endemic insects include a jewel beetle Xantheremia freidbergi (Israel Insect World), the longhorned beetles Cortodera kochi (Israel Insect World) and Agapanthia orbachi (p. 49 of Munis pdf file) , a scarab Anoxioides bytinskisalzi (, and a grasshopper Sphingonotus angulatus (OSF). Other endemic invertebrates include a blind prawn Typhlocaris ayyaloni (BBC), an isopod crustacean Typhlocirolana (or Turcolana) steinitzi (fig. 15 on p. 6 of Decapoda AToL pdf file), a huntsman spider Cerbalus aravensis (EurekAlert!), a jumping spider Phlegra amitaii (Salticidae of the World), a scorpion Birulatus israelensis (SEA pdf file), the land snails Trochoidea pseudojacosta (ARKive) and Cecilioides genezarethensis (Oxford Journals), and a centipede Cryptops pori (CHILOBASE).

Among about 165 vascular plant species known solely from the region are the Dark-purple Iris Iris atropurpurea (Flora of Israel Online), the Mt. Gilboa Iris Iris haynei (, a sedge Cyperus sharonensis (Flora of Israel Online), a bedstraw Galium philistaeum (Flora of Israel Online), an orchid Anacamptis israelitica (SOF), a stork's bill Erodium telavivense (Wild Flowers of Israel), a sorrel Rumex aeroplaniformis (Flora of Israel Online), the Jaffa Groundsel Senecio joppensis (Flora of Israel Online), Bufonia ramonensis (Flora of Israel Online), Capparis ramonensis (Flora of Israel Online), Hormuzakia negevensis (Flora of Israel Online), the Danin Fennel Ferula daninii (Flora of Israel Online), Plantago sabulosa (Flora of Israel Online), Allium negevense (Flora of Israel Online), and Allium tardiflorum (Flora of Israel Online). Mosheovia (Flora of Israel Online) is sometimes considered an endemic genus distinct from the widespread Scrophularia.
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Are than any wild animals that live in Israel and no where else?

Postby erskine74 » February 15th, 2014, 7:35 am

There are no wild life animals specific to Israel. It is too tiny for that.
Anyways, the following article from Wikipedia gives you an indication for the wild life in Israel
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Are than any wild animals that live in Israel and no where else?

Postby bellden96 » February 15th, 2014, 7:38 am

Israel has a unique fish which can only be found in Israel. It is called the Yarkon Bleak or Acanthobrama telavivensis . Unfortunately this fish is considered 'Extinct in the Wild.'
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