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What area in Los Angeles is nice for a 5 day stay with kids?

In the city, near retail shopping and entertainment ? What things can be done in LA with a 5 and 7 year old kids? Where are the best places to shop?
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How do I care for my new orchid?

I bought a beautiful cream Phalaenopsis orchid from Home Depot. I have never had any luck keeping orchids before, but I thought I'd try once more. I plan to do some internet research, but I am wondering if anyone can give me some special tips that would be helpful. The hang tag says to mist the orchid every day. I didn't do this with my other orchids, and I'm thinking I should do it with ...
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Screamo with really high pitched screeching?

I'm looking for some screamo bands that have really high pitched vocal screeches. Venus and Bacchus by Saetia is a good example of what I want. Jacob Bannon of Converge's vocals, especially on Jane Doe, are another example (I am ware that Converge isn't screamo).
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Names For My characters in my book.?

mother - black loose curls to her shoulders. constantly wearing black, green eyes, tan skin, spanish origins.
girl - 12 year old, morbid, black smooth hair, flicks at the bottom, light skin, freckles across her nose, wears odd clothes, usually odd shoes and skirts.
boy- 13, black hair with white tips, heavily lidded eyes, listens to music and lives on his computer.
Dad- oiled back hair, tan skin, pencil moustache, Spanish origin, constantly wears pin-striped ...
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Research project on water quality?

I just enrolled in my biology class at my college and due to my late admission to the class I'm a little behind on things so here is my question.
I'm going to Belize in January and there we have to conduct an independent research project on either water or orchids.

My idea is to see if the water filtration here in my hometown is any better than the natural filtration of water in Belize. ...
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Will my ball python be ok?

I have been feeding my 2 month old ball in his tank which has little woodchips in it since he gets stressed when i move him to the other container. But i have had him for 2 weeks this is the second time feeding him. I put cardboard under the mouse the prevent the woodchips from getting on him but he took the mouse off the cardboard onto the woodchips and ate a few big ...
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Can anyone help me find information about planting an orchid seed?

I have little orchid (windowsill orchid) seeds that I would love to get planted. From what I've read so far it starts with needing to soak them in bleach for a certain amount of minutes, ect.
I lost the website I had starting reading about it on and I can not find it or any other that gives the information that I need. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar website or ...

Cost for everything for bearded dragon?

Ok, I want to get one bearded dragon. Preferably a baby. So I'm wondering the cheapest aquarium I could get for a decent size? How much it would be including the aquarium, the heat lamp, and everything it NEEDS. (Not including toys/accessories) and not including food. Also if you know roughly what price a baby would cost? And a good place to buy them? I live in ontario.
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Where can i buy orchid seedlings in the manila philippines? how will i make my orchids bloom flowers?

i don't know were you can buy the seed but i know how to git them to bloom you can buy some marical grow to git it started you can order bloom soon at wallmart near you and many more things


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