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Is it possible to take any safety precautions when sitting close to a 40in TV?

I thought about purchasing a 40in TV to use as both a computer monitor and TV. However, I'll be using the pc 8 hrs per weekday and thought about eyestrain. Are there any preventive measures I can take other than the obvious of taking a break from the monitor? Does anyone have this type of setup and if so, what is your experience?

Whats the first wrestler that usually comes to your mind,when you see these words?

Super fast Remarkbly athletic Ironman/Machine Noble Innovator Energy Underrated Special Crazy Beautiful Sexy Ruthless Stategist Hooker/Stretcher/Shooter Bump Machine Powerful Sick! Misleading BQ- Agree or Disagree,their are different types of great technical wrestlers. Example; Luchadors aren't the most legit,but they have great technique,with unique mat-wrestling,pinfalls,and counters. Technical is not just submissions,and grappling.(Optional)

What kind of house plant should I buy?

My boyfriend wants a plant. I figure since v-day is around the corner, it would make for a great gift. Ideally, my boyfriend would like a plant that requires some effort in it's cultivation and would yield some kind of observable results (i.e. a flower.) However, we live in an apartment in a very cold climate. Neither of us have any experience with gardening, but he is willing and eager to learn to provide the ...
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How can I find Glowstone in PE?

Remember it's minecraft PE
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What to woodburn onto a table?

I woodburn coffee tables like this
(not actually mine). If you were going to buy a table that was woodburned like that, what would you like the design/scene/image on it to be? Mostly just looking for suggestions as to what people might like to buy.
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What is the common Buddhist view on use of natural drugs?

Recently I've been studying, reading, and agreeing with loads of Buddhist books, values, etc. Just wondering, what is a common Buddhist view on the use of natural drugs? (Cannabis, Cacti, Herbs...) Just out of curiosity.
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I need to design a GM crop?

If I was designing a genetically modified crop I would chose sorghum. Why you might ask... Sorghum is a very common staple for poor people in the world. Wikipedia says its the fifth most important cereal crop in the world but I don't really know what they are basing that on. Nevertheless sorghum is a good choice because it is not as mainstream as say corn, wheat, barley, soybeans, or canola and may intrigue whoever ...
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Tell me about Arizona?

I feel I'm being pulled towards Arizona, that for some reason I need to be there. I've never been, and do not know any one who lives there, so I was hoping some of you could just describe it, what you like and don't like about it, how are jobs and living, and etc.
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How can I improve, please critique?

Glitter pasted onto your eyelids,
rouge smeared into the hollows of your cheeks.
Your are the definition of ultra femininity.
Your large, misshapen eye teeth,
the fine hairs growing along your jawline,
you are the definition of hyper masculinity.
With each new breathe,
each word and story formed with your painted lips,
you give yourself up
to the scrutiny of the strangers around you.
You allow them to grab you,
and hold you in ...
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