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 X-ray Screening Systems

Detector the unknown danger, choose the  X-ray Screening Systems.The products with both high quality and reasonable price.Just come to detectorall, you can always find one suitable for you.
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Handheld Metal Detectors

The handheld metal detectors really help people avoid being harmed by certain dangerous goods, especially in public places, which really helps to create a safety environment. This device can be used in places like railway station, exhibition, prison, factories and so on.

If you want to learn information in detailed, please come here.
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Grass clippings as strawberry mulch?

I just mowed my lawn, and I applied a layer of fresh grass clippings on top of my strawberry patch. I brushed the clippings off of the strawberry plants. Will this be beneficial or harmful to my berries? I did this in an attempt to keep weeds down and provide some nutrition for the plants. Don't worry about chemicals, both the clippings ans berries were organic.
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Did the founding fathers ban/endorse bans?

So, as we know the Federal Government likes to ban everything for the American people. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, smoking in bars, lawn darts, guns or what have you. They love banning stuff. My question is, did the founders ever ban or propose/endorse federal bans on anything? If so, what?
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Does anyone else see that the NFL MAY be fixed?

I Honestly believe the NFL is fixed. Let me say clearly, I don’t believe players, and most coaches if any are involved. Let me make my points below, and I BEG for someone to discredit what I am saying below, as I don’t want to believe what common sense is telling me. To qualify myself, I am (was) a Steelers fan, the most successful team in the NFL, so this is not about sour grapes. ...
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What to do about a hoarding/lazy neighbor.....?

Our neighbors are two middle aged sisters and a mentally challenged daughter... My neighbors had 14 cats a few days ago.. Now they have 16. They leave the windows open so the cats can go freely in and out of the house and use our driveway and garden as a bathroom. We have called animal control and had a cat captured by them. Our neighbors said they would just keep bailing the cats out even ...
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How can i make money fast?

ive been trying to save up for a new wardrobe, but im never really good at managing money for a 14 year old girl. i need ways to make money not on the internet and im not buying that babysitting, mowing the lawn crap either . i need real ways to make money and since im not old enough for a job i really need soemthing like now
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Have you ever almost died?

See, I'm 14 and I've almost died multiple times. I'll list them. 1. Almost got ran over by a lawn mover. TWICE. legit 2. Choked on a thermometer once when I was a baby 3. Once when I was little I ate nail polish 4. Have been in 2 car accidents so far 5. Over the summer I choked on a muscle and couldn't breath for around 20 seconds 7. Almost got run over my ...
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My dad just had himself committed. I don't know what to do?

I can't drive and my dad was the one who drove me to my volunteer job while my mom was at work. He also was the one who washed the dishes since my mom gets a rash from dish soap. He mowed the lawn too because I can't see where I've mowed and where I haven't. I don't know how to wash the dishes or mow the lawn. I don't know how me and my ...
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My neighbors park on their lawn, why?

They're pure white trash with shoeless children running around everywhere and they also drink on their porch every night and light off fireworks. I don't think they even work, probably claim disability for "headaches" or something. Why do they park on their lawn? The grass is all brown and dead in their front yard from them turning it into a parking lot. Can and should I report this?
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