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Is dr hauschka skin care line 100% natural/organic ? even the makeup?


he source of each ingredient is almost equally as important. WALA Heilmittel supports sustainable, ecologically sound agricultural practices by obtaining as many of their ingredients as possible from certified Biodynamic and organic sources. The vast majority of ingredients in the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care line are Biodynamically and organically grown and harvested, and not a single ingredient comes from an organization involved in animal testing. Our Eco-conscious packaging and natural botanical preservatives help keeps products ...

How do i get rid of green caterpillars on rocket leaves?

Try a biodynamic pepper. This is where you collect as many of the bugs as you can, by hand,and burn them in some specific way (do a search on biodynamic pepper perhaps) and then scatter the ashes around the affected part of the garden.

I used to just let the caterpillars be, then soak whatever plant in salt water before using, and rinse in fresh water. This seemed to get rid of most of the ...
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What to look for in a garden area?

I am looking to buy a house or land to build one and I wanted to know what to look for in the perfect vegetable garden area. I know there are soil tests but don't think that would be easy to do on every piece of property we are looking at. I have never had a garden before so I am not sure what to look for. I know it needs full sunlight, but what ...
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What are some alternatives that we might be able to use instead of pesticides?

Also, can you cite your sources where you got the info. Thanks!

What other topics could be considered paranormal aside from telekinesis and ghosts?

Could alternative medicine such as homeopathy and reiki be considered paranormal? What about biodynamic agriculture?

Any other suggestions?

My Garden is 12ft x 6ft how much weed killer would I need?

my garden is covered in weeds how much weed kill would I need to get to kill all these weeds would 3 litre do or would I need more ? gardener beginner
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What are some negative effects of Industrialized farming?

I need help on how to start an introduction paragraph about the negative effects and the overall "badness" of industrialized farming? I can't think of a good way to start, but i know there needs to be background info first and then the thesis statement. Any help and ideas will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Are there any documentaries that question the reliability/authenticity of organic farming?

I know there are lots of documentaries that highlight the pros of eating and growing organic food, but I'm trying to find one that takes the opposite, negative and/or questionable view of organic farming (in the US, globally, doesn't really matter.) Anybody know of any?

What is women's oil?

Primavera Women's Oil contains organic essential oils of Ylang ylang, Clary sage and Rose Geranium which are known to assist the body to regulate oestrogen levels. This action helps with balancing irregular menstruation and cramping, and during menopause and hot flashes. Sandalwood oil assists the body to balance testosterone levels. Also helps relieve the feeling of stress and may help lift depression. Precious Rose Hip Oil protects dry, mature skin, smoothes and deeply moisturises. NOT ...
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Why is organic food more expensive?

Isn't it? I hear it is. Like I don't see why it would be doesn't it have provide less chemicals or something? So why would it be more expensive? Like I know the organic eggs are more expensive. Also would recommend going all organic? It would be ealthier then just regular eating right?
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