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Is there really a Bill in the senate which outlaws Home Canning for food storage?

is this not an unconstitutional law,?
what type of evil persons would make up such a law?

Advise on proposing a new university requirement!?

Greetings people! I am a student at a small university (about 3000 students). Our campus's mission statement strives for sustainability, however I feel that their actions are very contradictory. They just started a new football program and constructed a multi-million dollar facility. The University owns a piece of property in a rural area (about 4 blocks from campus) that is an organic farm and a model for sustainable living practices (I work there). However they ...
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Need names of Extremely Fast Growing Vines preferably with flowers?

I live in the deep south so they have to be able to take the heat, also need ones that love full sun and others that prefer shade? Needs to cover a chain link fence within a season.

Why do we grow a lot of our food in Califorina?

I mean it NEVER rains here so we take large amounts of water from other places to water the very hot and dry landscape.

Why do it when it's not sustainable in a place where there is little amounts of water, it doesn't rain, and it gets really hot???

Wouldn't it be better to grow more food in America indoors in tall buildings????
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I need some help im not sure what i did to my leg?

okay so i was shaving my leg and cut my knee so i went and took care of it. anyways i decided to put nair on the rest of my legs cuz i wasnt in the mood to keep shaving. my leg started to burn in some places worse than it usually does and wen i went to take off the nair it killed to even touch where the buring was on my leg. now ...
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Why eat sustainable foods?

The most widely cited definition internationally is the "Brundtland definition" of the 1987 Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development – that sustainability means "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

(Pretty et al. 2003, 2006): A review of 286 sustainable agricultural projects carried out between 1999 and 2000 across eight categories of farming systems in 57 developing countries in Africa, Asia, ...
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How to reincorporate my summer crops back into soil for fall crops?

I have tomatoes, corn, squash, etc that are all rpoducing now but will drie out soon. I do not have a mulcher or compost pile. Should I just turn them under the soil or is that too disturbing to the soil and would it freeze up the nitrogen because they are too "green" ? Wha should I do with the Large amount or green waste? I was thinking of just putting it in my green ...

What would be the most energy efficient / greenest building in the World?

I have to do an assignment on a building, i might do a really green building :)
Google isnt helping :'( x

In the USA are the emergency rooms in all hospitals taken up by Mexicans, Pakistanis, and other immigrants who?

don't pay health care?

Here in the UK although we have free healthcare under the National Health System, it is overloaded by use from 3rd world immigrants

Does working in the adult entertainment industry make it harder to adopt?

I currently work in the adult entertainment industry but I am also working on towards earning my medical degree (D.O.)/ permaculture specialist. I plan on leaving the industry once I reach my goal (I am very driven and alternative health and environmentalism is my absolute passion) but for right now I enjoy what I do and am making very good money in the sex industry. My dream is to adopt many children in the future ...


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