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Fertilizer under cooperative sector?

uses of fertilizers
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Do I have to put root tabs under my plants?

I bought some JBL Kugeln (7balls) root tabs the other day and I was wondering under which plants should I place them as some plants take most of their nutrients from the water column and some from the substrate. For each type of plant, tell me if I should or shouldn't put root tabs under: Cabomba Amazon swords Anacharis Dwarf sagiterria Jungle vallisnrria I also got some JBL Ferropol plant fertiliser which I dose weekly.
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Can I use Grass Fertilizer to put on my Corn Plants since it's so high in Nitrogen...and to promote growth?

As as long as it doesn't have a weed killer, pest killer or fungicide mixed in. It will be more expensive, but I completely understand using what is at hand.

Help on fertilizer experiment?

Can help in seting up a simple experiment between inorga
*ammonium sulphate
*ammonium nitrate

which will be the most effective
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What is an "assault weapon?"?

When I read the internet, I get a wide variety of opinions. Most say that the news people are 100% wrong on this subject. Many say it is not the barrel length, not the add-on's like folding stocks, etc. and not the size of the bullets. Most seem to say if it shoots constantly, when you pull the trigger, or 3-shot intervals, as many M-16 rifles seem to have (from what I read), then THOSE ...
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Geography help on industry..?

Name a secondary a tertiary industry that may arise from each primary industry. Then give examples starting with naming a primary industry.

PRIMARY INDUSTRY: 1- logging 2- sugar plantation 3- quarrying 4- mining 5- fishing

What is the secondary and tertiary industry that comes from each primary industry.

6- example ( primary, secondary, tertiary industry needed )
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Argue: Markets dont react to Carbon Tax but Aussie Dollar plunges worse than Euro ol coz:?

I blame the English?

I mean they stand to be World's BEST in all 3 cricket codes. Australia just lost two zit out of 5 BUT THE WORST PART is the SYDNEY OLYMPICS were last seen heading North. I mean? Olympics? It's NOT cricket.

Why can't Australian Finances have the McDonald's McHappy meal factor of Stock Markets rise Spain & Italy has of 3 & 2 % respectively for soccer?

I blame the Government!!! Those ...

Can i grow at least 8 inches ?

Hi im jamie 13 years old. Im really thin i just dont have the height. My mom is 5'2 and dad is 5'6 . Im 5'1. i already hit puberty, I really want to be 5'9 by the age of 15 or 16. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!
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What is a good science fair project?

So I have to do a science fair project thats due tomorrow. I need and topic for a project that i could do in mabey 1-2 hours. The project has to be measurable and using Scientific Method. The example my teacher gave me is "Which Fertilizer makes plants grow the best?" But i dont have enough time to do that. I need some ideas on what to do.
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Irritated Scalp, Hair Loss?

Irritated Scalp, Hair Loss?
Hello, my name is Zarriah. And I am having problems with my scalp.

A month ago I visited my hair stylist/beautician. As she was doing my hair she told that scalp looked weird and dryer than ever before. Like its flaky and dry even after washing it. She said that it looked like Alopecia. Just looked really dry. So she told me go get some dandruff shampoo or something kind of ...
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