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When to Blanket A Horse?

I am personally NOT a fan of blanketing. To me, it looks difficult to move in and makes the horse uncomfortable. They can't roll like they'd want to, they can't grow their winter coats properly, etc. But I live in Canada where even in the southern parts of this country, it can get to as low as -20C (-4F). So I was wondering what you consider to be the point at which you should start ...
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Growing grass in dead sand?

I have a sandy hill coming up to the new construction on my house and I was wondering what kind of grass would grow best there. Some people suggested different types of clover. I personally don't care what kind of grass just need something that grows low and stops washout
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Will feed-through fly control or wormer affect composting w/ earthworms?

I compost my horse manure with worms and have not used pesticides and I'm not sure I've come cross this information anywhere either...

I am wanting to use a daily feed through fly control pellet and daily wormer but I'm not sure if these will affect my vermicomposting worms (African nightcrawlers).

Thanks beforehand.

Yellowing leaves on my golden pothos?

My Golden Pothos is 5 years old. It was great until a few weeks ago, one by one the leaves are turning yellow. Yes, its been watered and I even gave it some house plant food. Any ideas?
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Composting Science Fair Project?

I collect compost from most of the houses in my neighborhood, so I have a lot of compost coming in. I've seen many places saying you must turn, and some say it isn't neccesary if you airrate properly. So I'm thinking what a great science fair project this would be if I'm going to test it anyway. We just got out of school yesterday, so since this needs a lot of time I could probably ...
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Is composting of human waste utilized on BIG ISLAND? If so, which methods, or brands do locals utilize, and which are approved? Do people pull permits for composting?

Humanure comes to mind.
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What are the economic importance of bacteria?


Most importance bacteria are harmless to humans, and many bacteria are essential or useful to the existence of plant and animal life. Only a small fractions of bacteria causes disease; most bacteria attack organic matter only after it is dead. Were it not for bacteria that decomposed animals and plants. These material would accumulate almost indefinitely.

Bacteria also enrich the soil in various ways. The so-called nitrogen fixing bacteria take nitrogen ...
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How do you remove smelly grass clippings?

My husband has been dumping the grass clippings in the back yard. We had no idea this would cause such a stench. After he looked under the top layer it smelled horrible and almost looked like it was steaming. What is the best way to get rid of this? Bag it up and set it to the road? This was not supposed to be a compost pile or anything, we just want it gone.
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What should i do for my agri-science project ?

Im in agriculture aka FFA and i don't know what i should do for my agri-science project. Can anyone help me out ? Im looking for something that won't cost a lot, pretty easy to do (for a freshman), but still something cool. Just give me some options or something .. thanks a bunch ! Oh and if you don't know what a agri-science project is.. Its basically a science project with a agricultural twist
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