What to do about a hoarding/lazy neighbor.....?

What to do about a hoarding/lazy neighbor.....?

Postby emmanuel27 » February 4th, 2015, 11:49 am

Our neighbors are two middle aged sisters and a mentally challenged daughter... My neighbors had 14 cats a few days ago.. Now they have 16. They leave the windows open so the cats can go freely in and out of the house and use our driveway and garden as a bathroom. We have called animal control and had a cat captured by them. Our neighbors said they would just keep bailing the cats out even though they don't work and their home as a foreclosure. They don't mow their yard either and have trash everywhere. All last summer we had to call Codes to come mow for them and charge them $500 to do so. They have 2 working lawn mowers but refuse to do the work. Even when we offered to mow their yard for $15 they said no. They have a mentally challenged daughter that I think is in danger living their. If they don't work, don't mow their yard and hoard cats then there is no way they can take care of a teenager with special needs. What do I do?!?! DHS? Health Dept? Police? Codes can only do so much and animal control doesn't help hardly at all. We've had desperately tried talking to them for the past year and a half but nothing works. We've been nice and sweet but now my family and I have hit the breaking point. Input please.
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What to do about a hoarding/lazy neighbor.....?

Postby vaughan » February 4th, 2015, 11:55 am

I would call any and everybody who could help.
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