My New Toro Lawn Mower is smoking white smoke, help please?

My New Toro Lawn Mower is smoking white smoke, help please?

Postby roderik » March 23rd, 2014, 11:52 pm

So we bought a brand new Briggs & Stratton Toro 190 cc 7.0 Guaranteed to start mower....or ( Toro Recycler 22" model 120000 ) no prime no choke mower last year and its been working fine.

today I brought it out and added a bit of gas because I noticed it was almost empty. it worked fine for the first 45 minutes but then once i began going up a small hill it just gave up on me. I figured it needed more oil or gas.

I knew it had enough gas so i left it I added more oil. I cant read the dip stick because there is no line on it to tell if it is full or not. I took a napkin and cleaned it and stuck it in. That did no use because i still couldn't tell it if was full or not. I started it took 3-4 tugs and it started, as i went up the hill it gave out a second time, and a third time.

so i added more oil. and then some more after that.

i think i added in a lil too much oil. So after that I decded to go down hill and it still gave out only this time after it gave out it started shooting out white smoke.

what do i do????? please help. thank you so much!
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My New Toro Lawn Mower is smoking white smoke, help please?

Postby aiekin » March 23rd, 2014, 11:57 pm

To start, I beleive that you added too much oil, that is the reason for the smoke. The excess oil gets pushed out of the crankcase through the vent tube and into the air filter area. I don't understand the problem with the dip stick. Most briggs engine dipsticks have two marks on the stick indicating low and full, I would look at it more closely. The problem with it quiting while going up hill sounds like a fuel issue to me. Like the float valve is sticking and not allowing enough gas into the float bowl. That can be corrected by cleaning the carburetor.
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My New Toro Lawn Mower is smoking white smoke, help please?

Postby elroi » March 24th, 2014, 12:00 am

Gee....Did you ever think of reading the owners manual?
You can't guess on how much oil to add, that's why they have a "dipstick" If you can't read it, turn over the dipstick.. The level marks are most likely stamped on one side.
Start by draining the oil out...all of it. Then open up your owners manual and read how much oil the motor takes.
It will also tell you how to drain the oil also.
Let me put it away last year and didn't drain out the gas.
Do yourself a favor...Read the manual before you mess up the mower more.
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