My mowers exhaust is smoking and smells bad... HELP PLZ?

My mowers exhaust is smoking and smells bad... HELP PLZ?

Postby arel4 » January 31st, 2015, 2:22 pm

i have a 19.5 Hp single cylinder poulan 300 ex riding lawn mower. ive been tryin to get it running again for a few weeks. i replaced the solenoid, cleaned the carburetor, and replaced the battery and i finally got it to start and run. but now the exhuast it smoking. it smells almost like a belt burning, but its coming from the exhaust. i have only let it run for about 2 minutes because im afraid that its gunna catch fire or something. the smoke is a light color. i dont know if this is any help but when i took the carb. off i had to take off the parts going into the carb also, ( the tube goin into the engine, and part from the air filter to the carb.) and when i looked into the engine part, i saw quite a bit of gasoline in there. i dont know if that is normal or not. so i got as much out as i could. this is my first riding mower so im slowly learning. please lend a hand and gimme some help. Thank you!
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My mowers exhaust is smoking and smells bad... HELP PLZ?

Postby coletun95 » January 31st, 2015, 2:25 pm

Smoke in the exhaust is a bad sign. Usually it means oil is getting into the cylinder. If that's happening then you have bad rings. If the engine has a steel sleeve for a cylinder then you can hone it and replace the piston rings. But if the rings are bad then likely the bearings are also excessively worn. Unless you're ready to do a complete rebuild of the engine you might want to consider replacing it. If you have an "Over Head Cam" then there can be oil going down the valve guides. Which means you may have to replace the valve guide seals (not a difficult job), but you'll have to pay close attention to engine timing otherwise you can get the valves off sequence and it won't run that way. As for the carburetor, not sure what you saw or are describing. Usually there is the carburetor with a fuel bowl on the bottom. In that bowl is a float and float valve. Dipping into the fuel is a metering jet that allows the right amount of fuel into the carburetor. Get the mixture wrong and the engine won't run. There are various passages for choking and for venting the crank case. I have seen in some cases where the vent tube is blowing oil into the carburetor and smoke out the exhaust. You might have too much oil in the crank case. But I'd have to look at it to tell you more about what is going on. You say it smells like a burning belt. OK, even if you think the smoke is coming from the exhaust it COULD be a burning belt. For sure, check your belts to make sure there are no burn marks. Oh, and I say this with trepidation: DON'T CHECK THE BELTS WHILE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING. Why do I state the obvious? Because some people are foolish enough to check with the engine running. They loose fingers that way. Don't be a statistic, and I'm not going to be responsible for someone getting hurt because they misunderstood what I was suggesting. If it smells like a belt problem - check the belts. Maybe something is stuck and the belt has no choice but to slip (and burn) But if it's an engine problem fully diagnose the problem before you start throwing money at it. Hope this helps. 'av'a g'day mate. ")
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