Looking to buy jet ski/need advice?

Looking to buy jet ski/need advice?

Postby mannis94 » February 1st, 2015, 1:11 pm

I'm looking to get a jet ski. I live right next to the river: Can it be let in the water all the time? Is there any particular brand that is better then the rest? Are the turbo/supercharged jet skis more prone to mechanical failure? What kind of gas is recommended? I run Shell V-Power on all my lawn tools/boats.
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Looking to buy jet ski/need advice?

Postby cilombo » February 1st, 2015, 1:14 pm

Well I'm glad your looking to by one! Now theres a lot of things that factor into what PWC you are searching for. Here are some ideas to help you out. Brand: The ones that are getting the greatest reviews right now are all Yamaha and Sea-doo powered Jet ski's. I personally own 1 of each. And for my personal opinion, I've seen a lot of Sea-Doo's produced for cruising and 2 that are for intense amount of speed. As for the Yamaha's I see them more as sport Jet ski's and keep you up most of the time. Really depends on your style.If you're buying it new then no problem but if it's bought used, you'll need to fine out the following: Hours it contains, how long ago has the motor been checked, if any accidents occured in this water craft. Those will be your main deciders. Can the water craft be left in the water the whole time? Does this particular river have a current and which way? Facing the Jetski against the current would help out so most of the gunk won't get stuck towards the throttle but instead just slide off. But I still wouldn't recommend keeping the jet ski in the water for long periods of time cause there is no guarantee of gunk not getting stuck there even if there isn't a current. Are the Turbo/supercharged jet skis more prone to mechanical failure? In my personal opinion and my experiences no. They if you correctly know to handle the power the water craft has and know to maintain it you shouldn't have a big deal. This Turbo jet ski's are meant to be roughened up and enjoy the ride. Recommendation for gas: Shell V-Power would be absolutely great for jet ski's. You shouldn't have to move to a different source to get gas for the jet ski.
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