Question about colon cleansing?

Question about colon cleansing?

Postby raynord77 » January 16th, 2014, 10:31 am

Hi, many people say they lose from 5 to 25 pounds after a colon cleansing. My question is to they gain it all back or if they change their way in eating and exercising they will keep it all off. And also what is better colon irrigation (with the water) or the pills.
Thank you

ps: only people who actually know stuff about this please answer
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Question about colon cleansing?

Postby parkin94 » January 16th, 2014, 10:38 am

You don't actually lose any weight from a "colon cleansing." Dry weight, anyhow. You may see a temporary dip in weight as you lose water weight from the diarrhea, but nothing has actually changed. All that's changed is that you have paid someone to give you an enema and had a particularly wicked case of diarrhea.

You see, the entire "science" behind "colon cleansing" is inaccurate to begin with. Your colon doesn't have "built-up" feces that are "stuck in it," things move through as a result of intestinal contractions (it's like a long, muscular tube." If fecal matter had in fact become stuck, you wouldn't be having that conversation - you would be hospitalized. You see, this is a condition that goes by many names - the most well known of which is diverticulitis. Muscular weakening of the colonic wall, as a result of consuming inadequate dietary fiber, causes ballooning out of the tissue, which can form pockets that trap feces. This isn't really a problem, a high-fiber diet keeps things moving through, but if someone doesn't eat enough fiber it can cause infection that can spread body-wide in short time. Colitis is also an infection of the colon, typically resulting in incredibly watery stool that can also eventually result in death - particularly in the elderly.

The people who peddle this kind of quackery like to say that your body is "detoxifying itself," but there is zero scientific evidence to show that filling your large intestine with water is somehow going to draw out "toxins" faster - as if are even toxins to be drawn out. Most substances in the body have what is called a half-life, and there is very little you can do to speed it up. If you can, you can bet that having diarrhea isn't one of them. At the very best colonics are worthless treatments that do nothing. At the very worst, they cause serious harm.

So save your money and focus on the recipe for weight loss that has been constant for the last hundred or more years. Eat less, and move more (with the emphasis on the former).
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Question about colon cleansing?

Postby biecaford24 » January 16th, 2014, 10:42 am

If you eat alot of seeds too thats good, another option. But thats also like a double edged sword, some people shouldnt eat them because they have pockets in their colon that trap the seeds and develope infections.

You have to change your diet and exercise. Best way is to eat only fruits and veggies with one serving of lean meat in a day, and lots if water. If you eat alot of fruit you will poop alot though! So more veggies than fruit!
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Question about colon cleansing?

Postby ellery » January 16th, 2014, 10:45 am

Ya they gain weight after change in their way of eating and exercising. And it's obvious.
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