Lawn Renovation Question?

Lawn Renovation Question?

Postby kenriek » February 9th, 2014, 1:05 pm

My backyard, and portions of my front yard, are completely barren and they look pretty tacky. Also a large section of my backyard is mostly weeds. I'd like to redo it and or fix it. My current plan is to rototill the entire back yard, spray some weed killer (making sure it won't also kill the grass) then plant some grass seed. Will this work? Should I do something else? I realize it will probably take several weeks for me to have any grass in my backyard again but I think the end result will be beautiful.
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Lawn Renovation Question?

Postby penleigh » February 9th, 2014, 1:08 pm

If I were doing it I wouldn't till it to deeply. This could stir up weed seeds that have been laying in your soil for many years. Instead I would use a broad leaf weed killer like dicamba or 2-4D and spray the weeds in your yard. Keep in mind that some weeds it is better to spray in the fall. You can then seed right in the barren spots with grass seed and cover it up with straw or some type of mulch that won't start rotting to bad. Similar to what they do along roadways. Keep a sprinkler on it and water it very well over the summer. It will probably take most of the year to have it fill out like you want, it might even take until next year.
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Lawn Renovation Question?

Postby abban » February 9th, 2014, 1:16 pm

sure lawns are nice,its just those freakin chemicals and fertilizers and gas and energy and water that it takes.why not get a nice producing yard?or a native garden?everyone likes a nice lush lawn too bad it takes so many resources and chemicals to have one.then when you have a nice lawn and you see one weed well then everyone wants to kill kill kill with chemicals.doesnt anyone get that these chemicals are killing off good beneficials(bees birds butterflies)is it really worth our environment to have a perfect lawn???
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