Indoor grass growing?

Indoor grass growing?

Postby austin67 » March 11th, 2014, 3:33 pm

I'm investigating the idea of growing a grass lawn/garden in my garage so that my kids can play "out" year 'round. I have a couple of questions though.

I'd have to grow on something like peat moss cut with sand or felt.

What kind of grass to plant? Obviously something that doesn't need much water. I was thinking St. Augustine grass, or something like Dichondra, or Irish moss (that way I won't have to mow) Thoughts?

Drainage and watering systems? I have looked at some underground sprinkling systems. I'm coming up blank with the drainage though. Spoon drains seems slightly impractical, as does a soakaway hole, as far as I'm aware French drains won't be of much help to me, drainage stone and piping might be of use.

Light: Obviously fluorescent lightings, or metal halide lighting. How much though?

Anyone ever done this before?
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Indoor grass growing?

Postby deutsch » March 11th, 2014, 3:35 pm

Your best way of getting grass indoors it artificial grass, Its so much easier to maintain as all you would have to do it hoover over it to clean it plus because it would be indoor's you would not have replace it due to rain fading out the colour, Also you would have to have quite a good amount of earth for actual real grass to grow and spread it's root if you were basing on a concrete floor, Plus you would have to think of drainage to so I think artificial would be your best buy as it can be much cheaper as you don't have to maintain with a grass cutter you down have to water, you wont have to treat it with weed and moss killer or you wont have to use any greening products to get that bright green lawn and with artificial grass you wont get any bug, such as slugs, snails and other bug's and insects so this way you children would be more safer with artificial grass not being in any contact with any thing like that plus it would be cleaner any way. And I am sure that most garden centres and diy stores would stock artificial grass on a roll!! :D
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Indoor grass growing?

Postby iolo » March 11th, 2014, 3:45 pm

You can get artificial grass. Zero maintenance, just cleaning.
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Indoor grass growing?

Postby hereward40 » March 11th, 2014, 3:51 pm

That's a great idea. Have you thought of covering it with astro turf ? Once its down there is next to no maintenance and the added bonus of no allergy concerns although Piriton is good to combat this. I have wanted to put astro turf in my bedroom and the down stairs toilet so next bank holiday I'm going to see what sales are on and see if I can do it. Another disadvantage to turf is worms which are ugly, slimy and wriggly but don't taste as bad as some people make out. Bear Grills always boils his worms first so that it kills off any bacteria but our digestive systems are a lot stronger than people give them credit for as I've never had a problem and I must have eaten about 142 now.
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Indoor grass growing?

Postby enric41 » March 11th, 2014, 3:56 pm

it won't work. garages are not insulated or air-tight. if you go into your garage in the winter, you'll freeze you @ss off. also, the ground temperature would come into play as well. you'd have to have your garage heated at all times so that it never dropped below a certain temp day or night. the heating bill would kill you and it still wouldn't work. not to mention, you'd compromise the integrity of your home with all that water and the termites and other pests it'd attract.

you'd be better off starting from scratch in the backyard and building a solar-heated, geodesic dome.
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