Environment solutions for the South of Italy?

Environment solutions for the South of Italy?

Postby shanley42 » February 14th, 2014, 3:49 pm

I was in Geography class, when we were talking about how the South of Italy's environment helps contribute to it's poorness. It got me thinking, is there even a way to solve these issues? How could we solve problems like steep land (Meaning not very good farming) and how most of the rain falls in the winter, which means more droughts in the summer?

I'm interested in things like this, you see.
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Environment solutions for the South of Italy?

Postby zander » February 14th, 2014, 3:52 pm

This is a really interesting question, and while I really have no idea, I wonder if two things would would help: 1) If they could find a feasible way to harness rainwater into a rainwater storage tank/barrel that falls in the winter, it could be used for crop irrigation or other purposes in the summer while also reducing soil erosion (if rainfall is heavy enough to produce runoff which causes significant erosion-not incredibly familiar with Southern Italy's climate).
2) If they promoted composting of waste in that region, this would not only divert waste from landfills, but it could also create a nutrient rich addition substance that could be added to the soils and hopefully promote more growth. Aside from being nutrient rich, organic compost can improve soil texture and help improve moisture retention which may protect against drought.
Of course both of the ideas above would require funding that may be significant at first, so It would be difficult to implement on a wide-scale in a region that is already leaning towards a lower socio-economic situation; however, maybe the government could one day subsidize and encourage these programs. Ultimately, I don't know enough about Southern Italy to know if any of that is possible, but just wanted to share my thoughts on such an interesting question
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