Are There Any Prescription Medications That Lower A Woman's Sexual Libido?

Are There Any Prescription Medications That Lower A Woman's Sexual Libido?

Postby wielladun » November 23rd, 2012, 2:22 pm

OK, here goes. I have been with a man 5 years. The last 2 years we have not had sex. I am going absolutely nuts! I don't want to cheat on him but, I am finding myself looking at other guys like a hungry predator.
He just recently told me that he prefers masturbation because it is less work because he gets tired during sex. He was also recently diagnosed with diabetes, probably because he is over weight and too lazy to have sex. ( Ok, that was mean, I'm sorry. Back to the subject.)

Now before everyone starts telling me herbal remedies, depression meds and the pill. I've already tried them all and they don't work. I had a tubal ligation and took birth control but it only made it worse. Herbal didn't even come close to working, and depression meds just made me happy and horny.

I suggested he go get tested, well, that just opened a can of worms that he is too embarrassed to even approach, much less fix. So, as always, it's left to me to fix the problem. I have searched relentlessly, but all I find is stuff to RAISE women's libido. I clearly do not have that problem.

Any suggestions?
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Are There Any Prescription Medications That Lower A Woman's Sexual Libido?

Postby kenward65 » November 23rd, 2012, 2:29 pm

Diabetes causes a lowering in a mans libido. Loosing weight helps reduce the diabetes so if you can get your man to loose some weight it will help. You might also ask your doctor if they can prescribe something for you that will help. Otherwise that leaves you with masturbating along with your man.

Many women find that the most satisfying masturbation method is to manually stimulate the clitoris with the fingers of one hand until the vagina gets real wet. They then insert one or two fingers of the other hand and finger the 'G' spot with a 'come here' motion as well. With the clitoris you only need fingers or something like the rotating bristles of a battery operated tooth brush while inserting fingers of the other hand or gently touching the 'G' spot at the top or the anterior wall of the vagina with a second tooth brush.

If this isn't what you want out of life I would recommend having a heart to heart talk and discuss the alternatives with him. Just don't sneak around and see other men on the side unless you first tell him what you will do if he doesn't take care of you properly starting right know. ... ...

Check out these links:
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Are There Any Prescription Medications That Lower A Woman's Sexual Libido?

Postby jonatan47 » November 23rd, 2012, 2:37 pm

You have a right to want sex with your mate and you should not want to kill your sexual appetite just because your mate doesn't have a sex drive, I can tell you right now what is wrong with him, He has a very low self esteem and doesn't feel he deserves sex with you, being over weight as he is will make a person look different at females and gives a very low self esteem. He also more then likely has low testosterone and not having enough of that will kill any sex drive . My husband' had a problem with his testosterone and went to a doctor and got shots, and after not having sex for a year to all of a sudden find sex after those shots was like being young all over again, he was like an 18 ear old.You should make him an appointment with his doctor and you also should help him lose the weight, if this man gets those shots and starts to lose the weight, I have a strong feeling that you will see a very different man with a BIG sex appetite and he isn't ashamed for his mate to see him nude,
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Are There Any Prescription Medications That Lower A Woman's Sexual Libido?

Postby eda70 » November 23rd, 2012, 2:47 pm

Please, don't even try to lower you libido. Too many side effects and the feeling that you are not entirely your self can take hold. Plus it never really works. Eventually it will destroy your relationship with him out of resentment no matter how much you love and care for him. Denial will be deadly for your relationship

Talk to your guy frankly about what you are feeling and what you need. Work something out with him but for the sake of you relationship with him and for you, try to involve him in the solutions. It is likely that he will achieve quite a bit of happiness and satisfaction being involved in your pleasure even if it is not sexually satisfying for him (and he probably doesn't want to be put into a position to sexually perform). Redefine what is sexually acceptable and satisfying for you and what is emotionally acceptable and satisfying for him.
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Are There Any Prescription Medications That Lower A Woman's Sexual Libido?

Postby montez » November 23rd, 2012, 2:51 pm

I was given a medication for blood pressure and I noticed a few side effects right away. What I did not notice was that my libido was dropping over a period of a few months. I wasn't as frustrated with wife's lack of interest in sex. What I noticed was that I had virtually stopped masturbating. I could have sex on the rare occasion that my wife was interested but otherwise I did not care. I explained to my doctor that it was like not being hungry - not really a bad thing though prior to that experience I'd never consider taking a medication to reduce libido. I changed medications and libido returned.

I share this because I would guess that some and maybe all people with low libido may not see a problem with it. As I mentioned above, it was like not being hungry. Sure, I might have missed some intense, short term pleasure from an occasional ejaculation but I was also not distracted as much thinking about sex.

After 6 months of back to normal I did ask my doctor if she could prescribe something for me on longer term basis to reduce libido. She said it's quite common for men and women to ask about sex drive reduction. She had been treating me for erectile problems and thought it wise to send me to a specialist figuring that with less urge the ED would become less important to me. The specialist listened and noted that surgery (castration) would likely result in lowered libido - medications might work as well. The least dangerous side effects for me would have been surgery but the impact on my overall health would be advsersly affected so that approach was not encouraged. Interesting that he (the specialist) sees men who want to be castrated because they think their libidos are too high or that the thought of castration is erotic. If not for the pleasant experience with lowered libido I don't think I could have sat still for a conversation to discuss the removal of my testicals. I would have thought only a crazy person would consider that.

Anyway, the whole point is that unless your husband sees a problem it isn't a problem for him. I think you already understand that. As part of the many discussions with doctors I'd say they'd love to see a safe, effective and side-effect free drug to reduce libido for women and for me. If there was one out there it would be well advertised, I'd think.

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