Writing a persona poem about Athena?

Writing a persona poem about Athena?

Postby luigi32 » November 21st, 2013, 5:49 pm

It has to have movement, moment, meaning please help can someone make a poem about her for me I'm not making a poem about her exactly though I just want an example
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Writing a persona poem about Athena?

Postby grayvesone » November 21st, 2013, 6:00 pm

The following poems and information,
should inspire you to begin your poem!

Athena Poem - Mountain Fern

Grey-eyed one, I sing of you,
wisest and most beautiful, relentless Athena,
protector of cities, strong-armed and fair.
From his head the great god birthed you,
dressed in golden armor and bearing a sharp spear.
The holy mountains shook when you were born,
and the earth quaked, and the sea’s dark waves broke against the land.
Even the sun stopped in astonishment at this sight,
this goddess, fresh-born and strong.
Hail to you, Athena, may I never live without the shield of your Protection.
Athena Symbols:-
Athena is most vividly symbolized by the snake. The snake symbolizes protection, rebirth. The statue of the goddess standing by her snake would be a powerful message of protective strength and hope. Armor and weapons are also Athena’s symbols, wearing a helmet and carrying a shield or spear. An owl sits on the goddess’s shoulder. The owl’s wisdom is needed to keep Athena’s strong power in check. She also protects textile production, an important part of each homes economy.
Additional symbols are as follows:-
Animals- ram, owl, eagle, tiger, leopard.
Plants- geranium, tiger lilly, olive tree, citrus tree.
Perfumes & scents- patchouli, dragons blood, musk,
cinnamon, cedar wood, orange blossom.
Gems & Metals- onyx, ruby, sapphire, turquoise, gold, lapis, ivory.
Colors- gold, yellow, orange, green, royal blue.

Bio Poem, Athena - Gracie

Wise, brave, logical, fair
Daughter of Zeus
Lover of Athens, olive trees, and owls
Who feels passionate for a good cause, angry at Aphrodite, and responsible for mortal knowledge
Who needs offerings, justice, and to educate mortals
Who fears the defeat of Athens, the loss of sacrifices to her, and her place of high power as Zeus' favorite
Who gives the Athenians guidance, Odysseus aid on his journey, and fair trial to all
Who would like to see Troy fall, all trials to be fair, and mortals to be educated
Resident of Olympus
Also known as Pallas Athene

To Athena - Hearthstone

I praise you, great Athena, child of Zeus alone,
all in armor born, fair maid and fearsome warrior.
Defender of cities and patron of heroes,
swiftly will victory come to those you favor.
Revered daughter of wisdom, clear thought you provide,
and foresight and cunning do mark those you have touched.
All skilled crafts are yours as well, weaving and spinning
and clever stitchery; you gift us, Athena,
with a keen eye, steady hand, and nimble fingers.
Grey-eyed Athena, mighty one, friend to mankind
and provider of gifts both wonderful and useful,
O glorious goddess, I praise and honor you.
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Writing a persona poem about Athena?

Postby huxeford » November 21st, 2013, 6:06 pm

Look up Athena. Gather all of this information, make this info into snetences. Break the snetences up into lines. It can be free verse, look that up, poetry with no rhyme.
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