Is it racist to be against immigration?

Is it racist to be against immigration?

Postby ximen » October 21st, 2013, 5:31 am

No, it's not racist as it's your opinion on a matter not your opinion of a culture.

I imagine the world in the next decade or century people will be so diverse in culture and ethnicity that the ethnicity question in most exams will begin to confuse people. This will also influence the designs or customs of two or more cultures, merging them. I would not be surprised if I came across an African-Chinese-Canadian-German-Australi... person one day. People can come across the world now to meet other people, when centuries ago people could only see people from their village or nearby villages. Slowly, everyone's culture is becoming more scarce as this happens. Eventually leading up to the "death" of that culture's lineage. Take the Moriori, for example, the last full-blooded Moriori died decades ago. "What was their culture like? Did people even know this culture existed?" Questions like these will be asked, as existance of different cultures become mere rumors. Once we lose our origin or culture, what are we, really? It is like losing a bit of ourselves, our heritage and our customs. Once it is lost, there is no getting it back.

When I first read your options I was expecting to be all for the second one, but now that I think about it, it is becoming more harder for me to decide. I live in New Zealand, but the situation you have stated in similar. It pains me to realise that Maori are being more scarce. Very few speak Maori now. Different restaurants are spawning almost everywhere. Well, as they say; "As clover killed the fern, and the European dog the Maori dog, as the Maori rat was destroyed by the pakeha rat, so our people also will be gradually supplanted and exterminated by the Europeans."

And so will every culture on this planet. The world is evolving. I'll just sit back and watch as everyone becomes more diverse and I'll tell my grandchildren about what the world was like when the so and so culture existed.
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