Good Dance Performance Songs?

Good Dance Performance Songs?

Postby payat » October 23rd, 2013, 9:49 pm

Hip Hop/Breakdance

Beastie Boys--Remote Control, Super disco Breakin, Sabotage, Intergalatic, Brass Monkey
Eminem-- Daddy’s gone crazy, Lose Yourself, Will the real slim shady, Won’t back down, I’m not afraid, Cinderella Man, Love the way you lie, Almost Famous
C&C Music Factory, I got the power, Pump up the volume, Gonna make you sweat, rock & roll
TLC-- No Scrubs, Waterfalls
Will Smith—Summertime, Wild Wild west, Men in black, parents just don’t understand
Afrika Bambaataa-- Planet Rock, Breaker’s revenge
Britney Spears—Womanizer, Gasoline, 3
Outkast --Ms. Jackson, Polaroid, bombs over Baghdad
Technotronic-- This beat is technotronic, Move this
Kraftwerk-Tour De France, robots
Flo Rida – Low, elevator
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock—Joy & Pain, It Takes two
Freestyle—Don’t Stop the rock, It’s AuToMaTic
Hashim—We’re rocking the planet
It’s tricky—Run Dmc
Now you see it now you don’t—Pitbull
Bleeding love—Leona Lewis
Patron Tequila—Paradiso Girls
Gravel Pit—Wu tang Clan
Wild thing—Tone Loc
Mortal Kombat Theme
Space Jam theme
Hit ‘Em High (Monstars theme from space jam)
If I’m gonna eat somebody it might as well be you—Tone Loc (Fern Gully)
There is a light—Nick Cave (Batman Forever)
The riddler—Method Man (Batman Forever)
Dirty—Christina Aguilera
Hip hop hooray—Naughty by Nature
Square dance rap—Sir Mix a lot
Man Parrish—Hip Hop, be Bop (Don’t stop)
It began in Africa—Chemical Brothers
Shake your pom pom—Missy Elliot
Supersonic—JJ Fad
Groove is the heart—Dee Lite
Butterfly (Japenese Techno)—DJ Mystik
OPP-Naughty By nature
Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop)
Freak-a-zoid—Midnight Star
Push it—Salt N Pepa
When I grow up—Pussycat Dolls
Work it out--Lil Jon featuring Pitbull
Last call—midi mafia
ET-Katy Perry
Empire state of mind—JayZ and Alicia Keys
Reptile-Nine Inch Nails
Hollarback Girl—Gwen Stefani
Newcleus—Jam on it
Debbie Deb—When I hear music (original 12”)
I am woman-Jordin Sparks
International Love-Pitbull Fea. Chris Brown
Songs by Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Silm

Breakin soundtrack—
Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us by Ollie & Jerry
Freakshow on the Dance Floor by Bar-Kays
Body Work by Hot Streak
99 ½ by Carol Lynn Townes
Showdown by Ollie & Jerry
Heart of the Beat by 3V
Street People by Fire Fox – Music by Ollie & Jerry
Cut It by Re-Flex
Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan
Reckless by Ice T

Breakin 2 soundtrack---
Electric Boogaloo- Ollie & Jerry
Radiotron - Firefox
Din Daa Daa - George Kranz
When I.C.U. - Ollie & Jerry
Gotta Have the Money - Steve Donn
Believe in the Beat - Carol Lynn Townes
Set it out - Midway
I Don't Wanna Come Down - Mark Scott
Stylin' Profilin' - Firefox
Oye Mamacita - Rags & Riches

Angel falls--Ayla
Beloved, endless skies and other songs VNV Nation
Moonlight Shadow—DJ Mystik
Pink Cloud—Blumchen
Castles in the Sky—Paul Van De
Piachu Mutha Fucka—Aphex Twin
Hamster dance
Sun is shining (I’m a rainbow too)—ATB (Bob Marley remix)
The Sun (goes down)—CJ Stone
Silent Morning—Noel
Popcorn—Hot Butter
Castles in the sky—Ian Van Dahl
Set you free-Planet Soul
Blue Sun—DJ X-Sonic
Purple—Gus Gus
Time Zone—World of God
Nightingale—DJ Mind-X
Feel the drugs
Superwoman—Lil’ Mo (Ft Fabolous)
Black snow

Video game/ theme song remixes—
Super Mario Brothers
Star Fox
Ninja Gaiden
Pink Panther
Chariots of Fire
Phantom of the Opera
Scooby Doo
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