37 gallon stock?need input?

37 gallon stock?need input?

Postby demason » December 7th, 2013, 8:33 am

I have a 37 gallon tank. Marineland penguin 200b filter, 200w heater(stable 78 temp.)
I am nearing the end of my fishless cycle as my levels are near my desired. So when it is done I plan on doin a near 90% water change and adding the first batch of fish. Waiting 2-3 weeks and adding the 2nd batch, then finally adding the German blue ram. I also have theese live plants
Windelov java fern, water wysteria, narrow leaf java fern, and mondo grass(I've heard it's not fully aquatic, is this right? I can take it out if need be) but here is my stock plan
2 pearl gouramis
6 rummynose tetras
16 neon tetras(Mabye will do 6 lemon tetras)
4 panda corydoas
1 apistogramma
1 German blue ram
1 zebra angelfish
1 upsidedown catfish
So my first batch would consist of all panda corydoas, the gouramis, and the neon(or lemon tetras)
Second would be rumynose, apistogramma, and upsidedown catfish
Then a while later the angel(I want the neons to feel safe and grow a small bit before adding the baby angel)
And 3 months later add the German blue ram
So things ive considered
Swapping the pair of gouramis for a paradise fish or a honey gourami
Adding 3 guppies if I did the lemon tetras
Adding 1 swordtail and takin out the upsidedown cat
Also, would any shrimp be suitable for this? If so please list all! For decor, I have 2 mopani driftwood, 3 cichlid stones, 2 lava rocks forming a cavern, and a terra cotta pot.
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37 gallon stock?need input?

Postby dewain » December 7th, 2013, 8:39 am

That is overstocked.

Your main problems...

Zebra Angelfish - Will eventually eat the neon tetras, grow to the size of a piece of printer paper
Pearl Gourami 2x - Would need a 65g + and they would fight each other and the angelfish would harass them.

Upside Down Catfish need to be in groups or schools.

Paradise fish don't tolerate other fish and they prefer to be in a species only aquarium.

Have rummynose OR the Neons

Have a group of Panda's OR a group of upside down catfish

A proper stock would look like...

1x Honey Gourami
9x Neon Tetra's OR 6x Rummy Nose Tetras
6x Panda Corys OR Upside Down Catfish
1x Blue Ram
1x Apisto

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37 gallon stock?need input?

Postby coy96 » December 7th, 2013, 8:41 am

too many fish, and too sensitive, especially that soon and with a tank that isn't really very established.

buy some of the tetras maybe the gouramis, and wait to start adding the others.
shrimp will probably be eaten when the cichlids go in.

is your lighting sufficient for a planted tank..??many times people don't have enough light to grow plants successfully.
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