Can someone explain this mitosis animation for me?

Can someone explain this mitosis animation for me?

Postby bromleah81 » October 6th, 2013, 9:31 am

G1: All chromosomes are replicated, i.e. they only contain one DNA strand. Also, the chromosomes diffused. At this time, the cell is pretty much being a cell. It's growing, doing protein synthesis, etc.
S: Cell is replicating its DNA.
G2: Cell is preparing for prophase, but still carrying out its functions. At the end of this, organelles are replicating and preparing to move to their respective polarities.
Prophase: DNA condenses into chromosomes, nuclear membrane breaks down, and centrioles (the little grey rectangles
(better seen at, produce spindles that attach to the centromere (the knot type thing in the middle) of the chromosomes.
Metaphase: The nuclear membrane is completely disintegrated now. The chromosomes line up at the metaphase plate (a hypothetical plane at the middle of the cell), ready to be pulled apart.
Anaphase: The centromeres detach and the spindle fibers of the centrioles shorten, while fibers not attached to the centromere grow to expand the cell.
Telophase: This is marked by a process called cytokinesis. In plants, a cell plate forms at the metaphase plate the eventually becomes the new cell wall. In animals, the cell is pinched at the metaphase plate until it "plops" into two new cells. After which, the two new daughter cells will begin G1 on their own.

The number of chromosomes an organism has varies between species, but is not necessarily related to size or complexity. For example, humans have 46 chromosomes, kangaroos have 16, and the Adder's-Tongue fern has a whopping 1440!
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