What would happen if I water my Juniper bonsai everyday?

What would happen if I water my Juniper bonsai everyday?

Postby carlos73 » October 30th, 2013, 2:31 pm

Tyler's answer is very good but very complicated.

If you want the short form of it:

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What would happen if I water my Juniper bonsai everyday?

Postby murchadh48 » October 30th, 2013, 2:32 pm

Plants rely on a continual flow of water to stay alive and to grow. Water is absorbed from the compost into the roots by a process known as osmosis, the water is then pulled up the body of the plant and is released into the atmosphere through the foliage. This process allows the plant to distribute vital nutrients throughout its structure. However, without a source of moisture at its roots, this flow of water is interrupted and the plant structure quickly collapses and dries out. Leaves and branch tips are the first areas to be affected, followed by branches. Finally the trunk and roots themselves collapse and dry-out by which time it is unlikely that the tree will survive without damage. Application of water at this point is often too late; moisture can actually be absorbed out of the roots back into the wet compost in a process known as reverse osmosis.

As previously mentioned, the effects of over-watering a far more subtle and can take a relatively long period of time to detect. Over-watering creates an environment for the root system that is permanently wet. Roots need oxygen to 'breathe' and the presence of too much water reduces the ability of the compost to absorb air. This in turn causes the fine root hairs to suffocate and die. The immediate effect to the tree is a loss of vigour as parts of its root system are unable to grow and/or dieback.

More worryingly, the dead roots start to rot. Naturally occurring bacteria are able to colonize the dead tissue and in very wet composts are able to thrive. As the root system continues to die back from the effects of overwatering, the root-rotting bacteria are able to spread throughout the root system and slow (if not completely stop) the ability of the tree to seal the remaining live root-tips. Gradually the live portion of the root system becomes smaller and as it does it is able to support less of the visible top growth of the tree.

Foliage on the tree will start to yellow and drop; smaller branches will shrivel and die back. As the live portion of the root-ball becomes even smaller, it is eventually unable to support the primary branches and the trunk, causing the tree to die.
Root-rot is often only detected at repotting time in Spring. Rotted roots will be found to be black and will disintegrate when touched. The only reliable way of stopping root-rot is to cut away all dead areas of root.
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What would happen if I water my Juniper bonsai everyday?

Postby alister » October 30th, 2013, 2:38 pm

Tipically, juniper trees don't like too much water, they are plants from poor dry soils. They like plenty of sunlight. You should let the soil dry a bit before you give more water to a juniper.

If you need more information about Bonsai:
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What would happen if I water my Juniper bonsai everyday?

Postby denton93 » October 30th, 2013, 2:43 pm

The soil should not be soggy and should not dry out and should drain well. The site has good information.
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