Is Tropical Bonsai Nursery or a bad website to purchase Trees from?

Is Tropical Bonsai Nursery or a bad website to purchase Trees from?

Postby ofydd24 » July 20th, 2013, 12:52 pm

Well on amazon i have like a $130 gift card and I like gardening so there is a seller (sells off amazon and his own website), but im not sure if it's bad or not. Don't just say that "you should go look on websites" because I have and nothing showed up even on the best one: daves garden here is a link to the website... so please can someone give me something about this website or a link to a page with reviews on it.
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Is Tropical Bonsai Nursery or a bad website to purchase Trees from?

Postby seely » July 20th, 2013, 12:55 pm

If you were on ebay I would have told you to go ahead because there is a customer protection scheme on ebay. But I dont know if its present on amazon.

The site does not seem well designed, there are broken links here and there.
ex in page the link on mango does not work when I click on it.

The add to cart is also very crude, just a link to paypal to pay+shipping fees without asking about your location. It looks fishy. They might ask other info by personal contact, but personnaly if you can't get a basic ecommerce website with a secure cart and payment process, then I'm not buying anything from your site.

You get lots of nice pictures of fruits on the site, but NOT ONE PICTURE OF A FRUIT TREE.
That's extremely fishy, nurseries usually show how their trees look like. I've been on dozens of nurseries websites and all have at least one picture of the tree in 5 L gallon or 3L etc.
-edit- took some time, but found some pic with the tree they are selling on some pages. Don't waste your time on this one.

From experience I also know that some countries have regulations on importing fruit trees from abroad. There does not seem to be any warning or notification about that aspect. If you're buying a plant that your local authority consider a nuisance or an invasive species or placed a ban on it, you might be in for some serious legal issues. Before buying it or any other actual trees from abroad try to get in touch with your local forestry department to know if there are any legal steps to undertake first, like obtaining a one-time permit etc.
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Is Tropical Bonsai Nursery or a bad website to purchase Trees from?

Postby luigi » July 20th, 2013, 12:58 pm

This is NOT what you want for bonsai.

Keep in mind, almost all bonsai need to be kept outside.
It all depends on what you purchase.

Consider Chinese Elm, Junipers, and Yaupon Hollies as almost bullet proof plant material.

Ficus, Fuken Tea, and Chinese Banyan are great tropicals.

Do a bit more research. $100 will get you a very nice plant.

Now go drink a beer and relax.
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