Question about my Bonsai tree?

Question about my Bonsai tree?

Postby lonnell » October 28th, 2013, 2:52 pm

I've had an indoor bonsai tree in my room for about 2 months, and a new branch has started to branch on the trunk. However, I wanted to know how long it would be before I started 'bending' it into shape with the metal wires you have to use to train the branches in a certain direction. Or do I have to cut it off entirely? Thanks for all answers!
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Question about my Bonsai tree?

Postby gwern » October 28th, 2013, 2:55 pm

There is no exact answer to your question. If the new branch is where you want one to be, let it grow. If it isn't, lop it off. It's entirely up to you and how you want the tree to look.

Branches can be trained as soon as they have brown bark in the area you want to place the wires. The bark should be tough enough that the training wires don't abrade it. Bend a little at a time until you get the shape you want and then leave the wire(s) in place for several months. Watch the wire wrappings carefully as the plant grows and loosen them if they begin to bite into the bark.
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