Lemon Tree -- Help -- ?

Lemon Tree -- Help -- ?

Postby doggie » October 31st, 2013, 12:31 am

Just about 3 years ago, as a wedding gift, my husband and I received a lemon tree. At the time it was pretty much just a stem - it has a few leaves and it actually did bloom that year. I brought it inside for the winter and kept it in a sunny window but it eventually ended up losing all of it's leaves. Fortunately, the leaves came back the next spring/summer when sat outside. The same thing happened last year and this past winter. The stem has grown thicker and taller since we fist got it but it has never produced many leaves. I was told that I could keep it in the same pot forever (I suppose as a bonsai). Well, this past winter (as with all the others) all the leaves fell off, but this time the stem (all the way to the tippy tops) turned brown whereas before some of it was staying green. I put it outside as soon as it got warm but nothing has happened. I looked at it really close and realized that the majority of the height of it was dead so I cut it back -- I now have a teeny tiny leaf starting to grow near the base but it really does not look to be in good shape.

Please any advice!! Advice to keep this from happening, how much water (maybe I'm overwatering), how much light (I THINK it's getting enough), should I fertilize it and with what, how do I make sure that this baby doesn't die?
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Lemon Tree -- Help -- ?

Postby ellar » October 31st, 2013, 12:33 am

If the plant is getting bigger, it needs to be repotted. You can press your finger down an inch or so inside the pot on the outside edge. You should not be able to feel any roots. If you feel roots, or see them coming up out of the soil, it needs a bigger pot. Bonsai plants only work if the root system is pruned, and if you don't know how to prune the roots then you will kill it. One thing about fruit trees is they need some humidity. You can mist them with a little spray bottle if you are in a dry climate. About six or eight hours of sun is enough for a lemon tree. A dry nitrogen pellet fertilizer will work well for a lemon tree, and you should be able to get it at a garden center, but not a home depot.
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Lemon Tree -- Help -- ?

Postby steffan » October 31st, 2013, 12:40 am

You did not say what climate zone you are in.
If you can, plant it outside. Probably the house is too warm and air too dry for it.
You did not say what sort of soil or what size pot it is in.
Not enough information.
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