What are some careers in geology?

What are some careers in geology?

Postby brac » February 3rd, 2015, 7:22 am

I want to major in geology, I think it's really interesting to learn about. Rocks, minerals, fossils, the weather and climate, ancient animals and plants. I love it all. But what can I actually do with a B.S. in geology? I DO NOT want to work in the oil and gas or mining industry (I would to make money but it's not something I'd WANT to do). I like learning about early life and fossils and plants should I become a paleontologist? What does a paleontologist do? I also like learning about the oceans and the organisms that occupy the oceans and how they react with the environment. Should I take marine science/marine biology or oceanography? What does a marine scientist and an oceanographer do? I want a career where I actually like what I'm doing and am getting paid well. Also I plan on joining the national guard in a year or two, are there jobs for geologists in the military?
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What are some careers in geology?

Postby leonard77 » February 3rd, 2015, 7:24 am

As far as geology majors go, there's gas and mining, and then there's academia, and not a whole lot else. Maybe with a geology degree you could get into hydrology somehow--like helping large-scale farms or industrial operations extract more groundwater, but you might have the same objection to that you do to mining I suppose. Geologists in the military? I don't think there are any. Most marine biologists teach marine biology or become government researchers or regulators (or they turn into food scientists and go into aquaculture). Paleontologists either end up teaching paleontology or they leave the field to do something beneath them in order to put food on the table (like work at Starbucks).
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